HTC HD2 (aka HTC Leo, EU / US T-Mobile) Custom ROM / Firmware


The fastest Phone in its series and really nice looking one too. Its got really nice specs but OS is Windows Mobile 6.5. Many People Experience lag when using it. So like most phones it got customized.

There were two version of this phone released one which has about 512 MB of ROM space (LEO512) and the other which has 1024 MB of ROM (T-Mobile aka LEO1024). So take extra care when you want to flash the phone, cause if you flash a version meant for the other phone you will brick it, making your phone a very expensive paper weight. But there are people who Un-Brick the phone for about $50 + Shipping Charges. But still be careful. And read the complete post / thread before attempting anything.

If there are mistakes in my post please comment below, Thanks in advance.

Steps to flash this phone :

  1. Check for HardSPL 2.08, since this is a prerequisite for MAGLDR 1.13 (@ 2)
    • If not then download HardSPL4 package and Install HardSPL 2.08, Flash Instructions here : LEO512 and LEO1024
  2. Install MAGLDR 1.13 from DFT, Supports both LEO512 & LEO1024 – SAFE & ONE TIME
    • Optional – Some ROM require ClockworkMod Recovery Partition – CAUTION, You should be careful when installing this as it can cause your existing OS to be unusable.
  3. Choose a ROM and Flash it – CAUTION, Flashing wrong ROM will render the phone unusable (Bricked) because some are designed for either LEO512 or LEO1024 so watch out.

ROMs :

  1. [28.APR] CMYLXGOs Stock Desire HD(2) [RUU1.84] [RAF 1.9OC] – This has a Full (LEO1024 / T-Mobile)  and a Lite Version (LEO512) running Android 2.2 Froyo.This has APP2SD. I have used the Full Version ROM on a LEO1024 and works like a charm. Since this uses the Stock Desire HD ROM it gives the phone a good after market value cause of SENSE UI. Look further you can find some really nice mods. More Links regarding this ROM:
  2. Coming Soon

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