My Mobile Custom ROM List



Hi guys, I will be posting my list of Mods (Custom ROMs) that can be installed on to phones such as HTC HD2, HTC Magic, ETC. This list is a work in Progress and will take sometime to be completed since I will be adding.

So If you notice any flaws or mistakes in my list please inform me, I will really appreciate it.

I will be starting of with popular ones and the moving down the list. (I might a few more as I go Open-mouthed smile)

  1. LightningHTC Custom Rom / Firmware – Stock ROM is always got something nice in it like the weather animations. But still has a lot of Crapware in it that makes it slow
  2. Samsung Custom Rom – Same as above, Stock ROM is laggy as hell sometimes.
  3. Motorola Custom Rom – MotoBlur UI that comes with stock rom is really bad. It just slows down the phone.
  4. LG Custom Rom – COMING SOON
  5. Dell Custom Rom – COMING SOON
  6. Acer Custom Rom – COMING SOON
  7. Alcatel Custom Rom – COMING SOON
  8. Asus Custom Rom – COMING SOON
  9. Kyocera Custom Rom – COMING SOON
  10. NEC Custom Rom – COMING SOON
  11. Pantech Custom Rom – COMING SOON
  12. Sony Ericsson Custom Rom – COMING SOON
  13. ZTE Custom Rom – COMING SOON
  14. Nokia Custom Rom – COMING SOON

Please Note that you can never be too careful when you try to flash your phone with a custom ROM. I am not responsible if you brick your phone. Please double check the information that I provide and verify it your self before even plugin your phone.

Special Thanks goes to the Modder's / Hackers / Geeks that spent their time, effort, red bull and bricked phones to give you quality ROMs.

My Thanks List :

XDA Developer & XDA Developer Forum

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